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Deer rutting season in Monfrague, a unique event.

Deer rutting season in Monfrague, a wild spectacle of the Mediterranean forest and Dehesas of Extremadura.

With the beginning of Autumn, the zeal of the deer reaches its boom, begins the Deer rutting season in Monfrague , click here.

Monfrague National Park, with an area of 18,396 hectares, is one of the most impressive National Parks in Spain, which hosts intact Mediterranean mountains and large areas of a unique ecosystem in Spain, the Dehesa.

It is located in Extremadura, in the province of Cáceres, and near to Madrid (depending on the area of the National Park you go to).

The private estate in Monfrage
where we carry out our Safaris is located just two hours from Madrid, in the
south-east part of the National Park.
Large deer bellowing during a Safari in the Deer rutting season in Monfrague on a private estate (Finca).

Monfrague National Park is a
fabulous place to enjoy this spectacle of nature, in which hundreds of deer
males emit strong bellows, telling their rivals what their territory is and
what is their harem of females, inciting opponents to fight with their antlers,
making it clear who is the dominant male of the Mediterranean forest.

Herd of deer and its alpha male at dusk during a safari in the Deer rutting season in Monfrague.

The time of the Deer Bellowing is one of the most recommended to carry out Routes in Monfragüe, to enjoy softer temperatures, sunsets that remind us of a safari in Africa, and a continuous movement of animals everywhere. After the summer, life begins again in the Dehesas of Extremadura.

This happens between September and October, when the the first rains start. Until now, the deer had been hidden among the scrub, forming distinct groups of males and females, feeding as best as possible to have beautiful antlers to fight with, after losing the coating, which is  as a  velvet covering its antlers.

It is highly recommended to make a Tour in Monfragüe with a good optical equipment, such as binoculars and telescopes, which will allow you to discover many details and observe much better the mammals and birds of prey in the area, although if you hire local guides, they’ll provide them to you.

Deer with the antlers covered by the “Borra”.

It is true that tourism in Monfrague, increases greatly during this time, and that the areas of public use are plenty of people, cars and noises that most of the time prevent the visitor from enjoying the relax and harmony of nature , and enjoy a unique and wild place such as the Monfrague National Park.

Therefore, we believe that you will like to live the Deer rutting season in Monfrague in a private estate “Finca”, (click here) an experience of wild nature, away from all the crowded areas of the park.

In these places, where large herds of deer are grazing, in a quiet and dehumanized landscape. The Dehesas will become the best battlefields for the most powerful males at sunset.

A Blackbird removes parasites from the skin of a young deer.

Even these areas can only be
accessed in off-road vehicles accompanied by our guides and in small groups, as
the team of Monfragüe Landscape is committed to ecotourism and the conservation
of these pure enclaves.

El Salto del Corzo, Monfragüe Landscape Ecoturismo
Salto del Corzo, the most secret jewel in Monfrague

Book now and enjoy a unique experience with our best local guides. In addition, from the 15th of September you can also know the best hidden spot in the heart of Monfrague National Park, the Salto del Corzo.

You can combine your Deer Bellowing Safari with the Route of the Majestic Salto del Corzo, and if you feel like it, taste a delicious lunch / dinner pic-nic listening to the imposing sounds that the Berrea gives us in Monfrague.

We’re waiting for you!

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