Conservation projects

In the Mediterranean ecosystem, the rabbit was the base of the food pyramid. Unfortunately, diseases such as Myxomatosis or Hemorrhagic Viral Disease, who sought to control excessive populations in the antipodes, caused the decline of populations and thereby the food chain was broken down, with special affection to two emblematic species specialised in hunting: the Iberian Lynx and the Spanish Imperial Eagle.

Due to the easy access to the feed and fodder for livestock, traditional crops and classic mosaic landscapes, that both benefited the rabbit began to disappear, which further hinders the recovery of rabbit populations and other herbivores, such as hares, partridges, pigeons, doves, these species, in turn, are the food of numerous and diverse predators.

Different interventions on the farm intended to facilitate the protection of the existing population, and of these are the creation of refugees for rabbits.

Based on the concept of mutuality, seeking the benefit of all possible flora and fauna species present in the property, a new stage of crop and pasture begins as well as beekeeping, improving pollination and the nourishing for insectivorous species.

Continuing with the tradition of the property the stocking density is significantly less than the stocking density supported by the space to avoid a slow recovery impact on soils and vegetation. Currently, we are studying new and old management models that benefit these ecosystem components.

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