Biking in Monfrague (4 h)

Bike Rides in Monfrague Experience

Biking Monfrague, in a Nature private reserve in the heart of Monfrague National Park.

A magnificent network of trails closed to the public, through which we cycle through dehesas.

We will see deer running around, acorn-fed Iberian pigs grazing in freedom and a multitude of birds of prey flying over us, among them, the largest Black vulture colony in the world, which lives in Monfrague.

We will talk about birding, the traditional uses of plants, the habits and behaviors of the fauna, as well as the ancestral management of the dehesa. A way to breathe fresh air and get to know the purest Monfrague in a Nature Private Reserve only for you, from the hand of nature professionals.

We have designed an easy itinerary, adapted to all ages (for itineraries with higher difficulty you can ask us).

We also offer you Biking in Barruecos Natural Monument (Cáceres).


• Meeting point in Jaraicejo. Drive with your own vehicle to the Finca.

• Orbea MTB Bike.

• Personalized guide

• Optical material.

• RC insurance. 

Modality: Biking. 

Time length: 4 h approx. 

Price: 35 € / pax – (minimum four people)

Exclusive service: You don´t share the route with more people. (Biking+ Pic-nic) 6h. – 170€ per couple-

*Consult us to be pick-uped in your accomodation

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