What to see in Caceres Spain

Caceres Spain, the first Extremaduran City World Heritage Site.

Caceres Spain is one of the most visited cities in Extremadura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, if you want to approach the capital of the province and get to know the city, we will show you some of its most significant corners.

The most visited places of Cáceres are located within the wall that concentrates the legacy of the city. It is this area that UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site, called the Old City, more than 30 years ago.

Every year thousands of tourists come to contemplate the incomparable cultural legacy that leads them to feel that they are traveling back in time.

Caceres skyline

The Plaza Mayor, the centre of life and an essential visit.

In the Main Square of Caceres is the Puerta de la Estrella, which is the main entrance to the monumental city today, although its origin is much more humble because in the Medieval Age it was used to get the wagons in and it was much smaller. It was reformed in the 18th century and has been preserved as well ever since.

Before climbing the stairs, the outside walls you can see the Torre de Bujaco, which today is an interpretation center. On the other side is another tower, called Torre de la Yerba, from which you can see a small courtyard with coats of arms, creating the feeling of having traveled almost a thousand years ago.

Caceres Arco de la Estrella

Carvajal Palace

As soon as you pass through the gate of the wall you will arrive at the Plaza de Santa Maria, where you can find the Episcopal Palace rebuilt in the 16th century. You will also see another tower and almost below the Casa de los Carvajal, a building that is preserved in excellent conditions. Inside there is a fig tree with more than 3 centuries, a natural monument that it is worth to tale a look.

Palace of the Golfines – Concathedral

In front of the House of the Carvajal is the Concathedral of Santa Maria, and just behind is the Palace of the Golfines, where you can see a representation of noble life in the late 19th century, and some details of the most humble classes.

Viewpoint of San Marquino, a spectacular night picture

Having spent the day watching Cáceres, both these and many other points of interest, at nightfall it is best to approach the Mirador and take a picture of the illuminated monumental city. A print that will record the visit forever in your mind.

What to see in Caceres Spain

The city is ideal to spend a day discovering places and admiring the history. And as I’m sure you’re looking forward to more, if you plan to spend more time in the area you can cycle through the Natural Monument of the Barruecos, where you can see birds and visit interesting archaeological remains. You can book it right here and we take care of everything.

paisaje los barruecos

Another idea is to book a Safari in our  Nature Private Reserve in Monfrague National Park, and notice the harmony with nature without crowds, in spaces that very few people have had the opportunity to discover. Contact us and we will inform you of everything.

que ver en caceres


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