Safari in Monfragüe in a Private Nature Reserve (4h)

Safari in Monfragüe in a Private estate Experience

Safari in Monfragüe in a Private Nature Reserve  is a morning or afternoon in off-road vehicle, which will run through a beautiful private nature reserve, of more than 1800 hectares, within Monfrague National Park.

We will go through the Dehesas of Monfrague, where a livestock of cattles and acorn fed Iberian pigs are grazing.We can enjoy a wild area of ​​Mediterranean forest, where the protagonists will be deer and birds of prey.

Finally, we will go to the Portilla del Boquerón, an impressive quartzitic cliffs, where dozens of Griffon and Black vultures glide constantly.

The places we visit are exclusive and present a high level of conservation. A secret and inaccessible paradise, guided by local guides who will make interpretations to get to understand the relationships between nature, with human beings and with history.


• Transfer from Jaraicejo to the Finca.

• Personalized guide

• Optical material.

• RC insurance.

Modality: 4×4 Vehicle + Walking

Time length: 4h approx. Departure and arrival to Jaraicejo.

Price: 55 € / pax.


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actividades monfrague
actividades monfrague
4×4 y Aves en Monfragüe (5)
actividades monfrague
actividades monfrague
actividades monfrague

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