qué ver en extremadura

What to see in Extremadura

What to see in Extremadura

Summarizing in a few sentences what to see in Extremadura is a very complicated thing. The variety of things you find as soon as you get there will make you not to know where to start. That is why we will explain to you just some of the great attractions of our land, which welcomes everyone with open arms.

what to see in Extremadura

If you like history, you can not miss visiting Merida or Caceres, World Heritage cities for its rich cultural legacy. In Merida you can still feel the splendor of the Roman era, with monuments and buildings in an amazing state of conservation. And in Caceres you can transport yourself to the Medieval Ages just by walking the streets of its historic center.

But there are many more places, such as Trujillo, Jerez de los Caballeros, Guadalupe or Zafra, each of which with its impressive monumental legacy, through which conquerors, Templar orders, emperors and much more have passed. Each of these places is worth a visit, at least one day in each place, so ideally you come to spend some time or choose each time you come to where you will approach.

What I can see in Extremadura

qué hacer en extremadura

Extremadura has activities for all tastes. Not only for lovers of history and monuments, but also for those who enjoy active tourism, nature and the environment.

You are in a land with countless valleys such as Jerte or Ambroz, the region of La Vera or the Hurdes. Depending on the season, you will be able to attend natural shows such as deer rutting season or cherry blossoms, which have made Monfrague National Park and the Jerte Valley one of the best known natural paradises of Extremadura, with hundreds of visitors who come every year to live the experience.

What to see in Extremadura
Landscapes and wildlife in Monfrague National Park

It is also an ideal space for birdwatching, because of the number of species there. Although almost all The Extremaduran counties have at least one Special protection area for birds.

You can also get close to the small town of San Jorge de Alor, where for only 15 days you can see the Rose of Alexandria, a small and colorful flower that only grows in the Sierra de Alor. The town of Olivenza, just 10 kilometers away, is famous for a sweet known as Técula Mécula, and the influence of Portuguese culture, as it belonged to the neighboring country for some time, from the Medieval Ages to the Napoleonic wars.

If you are a lover of water sports in Extremadura there are several places to enjoy your hobby, as it is the region with the most kilometers of inland coast in Europe.

For example, the Orellana Reservoir even has a beach, the first freshwater to get the blue flag, as well as areas for sport fishing, canoeing and even water skiing. At Ecoturismo Monfrague Landscape we are delighted to enjoy a unique environment. Extremadura is so complete that you don’t need to go out to live hundreds of different experiences. Come and choose yours.

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