On this occasion we feel grateful to show what to see in Monfrague National Park on our safaris to evryone. The TV Programme España Directo on TVE 1 interviews us, and we gave them a summary of our tours that we make in Monfrague National Park, in Caceres, Extremadura.


Monfrague National Park, Extremadura, a place of well-deserved visit

To begin with, we toured the Monfrage Park, the area open to the public. Visiting Extremadura is worth it, a beautiful place with spectacular landscapes.


4×4 y Aves en Monfragüe (5)

We made a stop at the most emblematic point of Monfrague, the Salto del Gitano, giants cut rocky quartztic where many birds nest depending on the season. Birds such as the Black stork, Peregrine falcon, Griffon vulture, Blue rock trush… It is a place full of legends, birding, landscapes ….


Extremadura, a bird paradise.

Monfrague park becomes a perfect destination to see birds or birding since in its multitude of viewpoints you can see unique birds easily and relatively close, which is much more complicated in other natural places. Among the possible birds to see, the most outstanding of Monfrague National park are the Egyptian Vulture, Black vulture, Spanish imperial eagle, Eagle owl, Booted eagle, Short-toed eagle….


que hacer en monfragueque hacer en monfrague

Turn your visit to Monfrague into an authentic experience with a nature guide

If you want to go with a accredited guide and show you with its telescope all the places where these birds nest and the most interesting places of Monfrague. You can visit this link for more information.


Live our Safari on a Private Nature Reserve in the heart of Monfrage National Park

If you want to know what to do in Monfrague, we can organize everything for you. We will show you the purest and best preserved places through a Vip Safari in a Private Nature Reserve in Monfrague National Park and you don´t have to worry about anything.

In addition we will pick you up in all Terrain vehicle and lend you some binoculars and telescope, to make your visit to Monfrague an unforgettable experience.

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