Plaza Mayor Trujillo

What to do in Trujillo

If you want to know what to do in Trujillo this post will be of great use to you. Trujillo is a town that is very close to Jaraicejo, starting point of the excursions to Monfrague National Park, to the Private Nature Reserve that we show. Therefore, you may want to come close to discovering some of its attractions, since its history is linked to the conquerors and discoverers of the colonial era.

Despite being a small city, the city of Trujillo has several corners that are worth visiting. Let’s look at some of them.

Plaza Mayor and Statue of Pizarro.

Plaza Mayor Trujillo

The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo is a journey back in time. Although there are many cafeteries under the arcades, it has a marked historical identity, that recalls that from there many came out towards the conquest of the new world.

Special mention deserves the statue of the conqueror Pizarro on horseback, who before being there spent some time in Paris, until it was decided what would be the perfect place of Trujillo to place it.

Tower of the Alfiler.

Going up the steps to the right of the statue and turning left you will find the Tower of the Alfiler, today is the interpretation center of history of the city.

The climb to the highest floor allows you to see Trujillo and the surroundings in a breathtaking image.

Costume Museum

Returning to the Plaza Mayor and going down a little bit, you will find this unique museum where you take a tour of the fashion of the twentieth century, with work clothes for the farmers or costumes that were only within reach of the richest people. There are many pieces to see, and if you are curious or you like fashion you will surely enjoy.

The Castle of Trujillo

The Castle is in the highest part of Trujillo, which was formerly an Arab alcazaba and was converted with the arrival of the Christians. Many stories are impressed on its walls, and you can observe some inscriptions from different ages.

The surroundings of the castle are perfect to see the sunset after having spent the day touring the city and seeing these monuments and many other corners that will surprise you.

Flor cerezo valle del jerte

What to do in Trujillo

The city of Trujillo is perfect as a starting point to enjoy Extremadura and its many charms. If in addition to history you want to discover its natural environment, areas such as the Jerte Valley or the region of La Vera are quite close and you can discover everything on foot, by bike or on 4×4 safari.

If you visit Trujillo during the month of September – October you will be able to attend one of the most interesting natural shows of Extremadura: the Deer Rutting Season.

In addition, you can enjoy it without crowds on our Nature Private Reserve in Monfrague, where deer and many species of Monfrague National Park live in freedom and offer a unique and exclusive experience.

Ciervo Parque Nacional de Monfragüe

If you’re looking forward to more, or if you’re coming in another season, you can find many ecotourism activities to make the most of your visit to Extremadura. Contact us and we will inform you of everything we can offer you.

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